XCOM Data Transport licensing on distributed platforms
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XCOM Data Transport licensing on distributed platforms


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Please explain the licensing scheme of the XCOM Data Transport product for distributed environments and how it is calculated.
What are the concepts Server, Designated CPU, Intel Server, Connection listed in our licenses?


Release : 11.6, 12.0


The XCOM Product Marketing team advised that because all contracts are different the customer should contact their Broadcom Account Representative to get specific advice for the licensing metrics listed in their current XCOM contract.

Additional Information

For currently supported versions, all XCOM distributed platform software requires no license key and does no software based licensing checks e.g.
XCOM Data Transport for UNIX/Linux 11.6.1 > Release Notes > Enhanced Features > Service Pack 11.6.01 > Other Changes Related to Installation. i.e.
ALPKEYS are Discontinued

The ALPKEYS have been removed and no other physical license keys are required for the product.

So there is no automated control over the number of times the XCOM software can be installed, but whatever is stated in the contract details should be adhered to.