Not all of a field is shown when using Endevor Quick Edit with CCOLS
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Not all of a field is shown when using Endevor Quick Edit with CCOLS


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When using Endevor Quick Edit and the function CCOLS to rearrange the screen layout, the last field (at the Right) is not totally shown. A few characters get truncated. Then when scrolling the screen to the right the field is not shown so these truncated characters don't show up.


Release : 19.0


It is likely that the FIXED COLUMNS plus the last field shown is too long. In the CCOLS data it is likely that the fields you included above the line "!******FIXED COLUMNS ABOVE***********************  ",  plus the field in that is truncated is longer than the screen width.

For example: (The field USER DATA is 40 Characters long) 

this is after a scroll right:

 The width(number of characters) of your screen depends on your screen resolution.



This can be resolved in one of two ways:

1) Adjust the fixed portion of the screen. Ensure that the remaining characters after the fixed portion allows for the longest field(after the fixed portion) to be displayed.    

For example:


2) Scroll by field to the right. Using my example I can put my cursor on the UserData field and scroll right.(PF11).

for example:

then scroll right with the cursor on the userdata field