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Monitoring Point deletion policy - Removing old MP - AppNeta


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We need to remove old unused monitoring points from our Manage Monitoring Points page at AppNeta.  Some of the appliance may have been offline for a few months, from older machines. 
How can we make the deletions? 


AppNeta introduced the Monitoring Point Deletion Policy - which should allow you to set an elimination time period.  Any appliance offline past that time period will be deleted. 
Different hardware can support different time periods as well.  You could set the period as need, and once a monitoring point crosses that threshold, it would be removed.


1.  To set these changes, first you'll need your Organization ID.  You can get this by running a simple GET command:
GET /v3/organization  
Click: Try It Out

Click: Execute, then look for the "ID"


In my example, the ID is 18140.


2.  Next, you can Navigate the the monitoringPointDeletionPolicy endpoint:

It may be prudent to run a GET to check if there is currently a policy in place for your Organization. 


3.  When ready to create a policy, go ahead use the POST setting. 

4.  Policies can also be removed in a similar fashion using the DELETE endpoint:



Once complete, the auto deletion should occur within 24 hours.


Additional Information

Have a look at our documentation: