Exporting Rally Multi-Dropdown JSON Schema to CSV
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Exporting Rally Multi-Dropdown JSON Schema to CSV


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Rally SaaS


How do you export Rally multi-value dropdown to CSV?


Release : SAAS


Navigate to the setup for the workspace you want to export the values for

Click Fields on the left side

Choose the work item type from the dropdown at the top of the field list

Click the gear icon next to the field that you want to export values for and then click Edit

A new window appears

In the address bar of this window, get the numeric value for "oid" and save this number to a notepad file.  Do not use cpoid or typeDefOid.


Use that number to update the following address, replacing the <oid value> with the number above

https://rally1.rallydev.com/slm/webservice/v2.0/attributedefinition/<oid value>/AllowedValues?pagesize=2000

Once you have the completed URL, paste this into your address bar and press enter

The resulting page should look like the following:

At this point you will need to save this page, but the method may vary from browser to browser and may be different between Windows, Mac and Linux.  Many times you can right click on an area without any text and choose "Save As"

Once you have the text saved, open up Excel

Click Data in the menu

Click Get Data (Power Query) in the ribbon

Click the JSON button

Click the Browse button and then navigate to the location where you saved the file

Open the file

Click Next

Click "Record" next to QueryResult

Click [List] next to Results

Click "To table" in the toolbar

Click OK

Click the Column selector tool and select the desired fields to export:

Click Close & load