Oracle Endpoint - Error decrypting attribute eTORADirectoryPWD attribute
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Oracle Endpoint - Error decrypting attribute eTORADirectoryPWD attribute


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CA Identity Manager CA Identity Suite


Attempting to access an Oracle Endpoint keeps failing and returning the following error message"

Error decrypting attribute eTORADirectoryPWD: attribute eTORADirectoryDSN has been modified since this attribute was encrypted. Please reset the encrypted attribute.


All Identity Manager


Whenever the JDBC DSN is modified on the acquired Oracle Endpoint the password for the ID used to connect to the endpoint must also be reentered.

If the problem keeps returning even when the JDBC DSN has not been modified then it could be that there is something invalid about that DSN string. For example we found when looking at the endpoint object with Jxplorer ldapbrowser was that for failing endpoints the eTORADirectoryDSN value contained some extra carriage return or newline character. I do not know how the eTORADirectoryDSN value was set previously with such a character but I suspect that is the reason for the failure since the application could be trimming that off and then it would not match the original DSN with the extra character and cause the failure to decrypt.


What we did was to use Provisioning Manager to edit the DSN value in some way such as removing the last parenthesis character and re-enter it again along with re-enter of the password and save the change. We verified in Jxplorer ldapbrowser that the eTORADirectoryDSN no longer contains the extra carriage return or newline character and that there is now an updated eTORADirectoryPWD and there is no more error.