View - Why are View and Deliver 14.0 packaged together?
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View - Why are View and Deliver 14.0 packaged together?


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As part of z/OS 2.5 compatibility of CA View v12.2 and Deliver v12.2, I am planning to upgrade these products to v14.0.

I have received the v14.0 shrink file which combined both the products together. 

from my internal team. Post unshrink and restore, the pertinent libraries are ACS%S.VIEWDLVR.**.

I got to know this latest v14.0 shrink was packaged via Z/OSMF due to which it is a bundled product, whereas earlier they used to package via CSM. Please clarify.

In our client lpar, they installed CA view and Deliver separately earlier, with two different loadlibs for these two different products. 


Release : 12.2


View / Deliver / EBC / DRAS / Web Viewer were all packaged together for r14.0. 

For z/OSMF, the full packaging was placed in a wrapper for processing thereof. 

CSM is being decommissioned. 

For View and Deliver 12.2, as the products were packaged separately, they were most likely installed separately. 

With 14.0, the View/Deliver libraries are combined. 

Here is the URL to the View documentation: 

Here is the URL to the Deliver documentation: 


In a View/Deliver upgrade, it is customary that Support asks the client to supply an upgrade plan for review. 

If an upgrade plan is not currently available, please put a plan together, for submittal to Support for review