Confused about Gen CEJOB14R and CEJOB15R jobs?
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Confused about Gen CEJOB14R and CEJOB15R jobs?


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Confused about CEJOB14R? Unsure whether to run CEJOB15R? Don't know if RPROF table is TSQ or DB2?


Release : 8.6


Most CEJOB* jobs are used to install and/or configure your Host Encyclopedia (HE) and only run on the subsystem where your HE resides. However, CEJOB14R and CEJOB15R are jobs used to bind two Gen Runtime DBRM modules (TIROLBCM and TIRPROFD) into DB2 Packages. The CEJOB14R and CEJOB15R jobs will need to be run on each DB2 subsystem where your generated applications may execute.
To handle Gen applications running on multiple DB2 subsystems, add the SYSTEM() parameter to both the CEJOB14R and CEJOB15R jobs. Set the SYSTEM() parameter to the appropriate DB2 subsystem value and execute for each subsystem. The SYSTEM() parameter is likely the only parameter needed, but there could be others (e.g., OWNER(), QUALIFIER()) that may be added if each DB2 subsystem environment uses different values. The CEHBCLS0(BINDPKRT) clist can be examined to see all possible parameters. Other potential updates are the DB2 datasets in the STEPLIB if subsystem environments are using different versions of DB2.
As an example, CEJOB14R jobs contains:
The CEJOB14R job can be modified to be as follows:
          COLLID(F86ARTCL)  +

Run the CEJOB15R job if you use a DB2 RPROF table, as opposed to a TSQ RPROF table. The RPROF table is not used when you install or configure the Host Encyclopedia, so it is not included in the HE1UNLD and HE2LOAD jobs. If using only cooperative applications, then the RPROF table is not needed. The RPROF table is only used by block mode (green screen) generated applications.  

Check if the DB2 RPROF table is currently being used by viewing the latest values in the RPROF_DATE column with the following SQL:

    SELECT *                
    FROM RPROF              
In CICS, if your Profile Type is set to TSQ, instead of SQL, then you will not need to run the CEJOB15R job. The TIRPRFQZ program is executed with a TSQ RPROF table and the TIRRTLDC program is executed with a DB2 RPROF table. To determine which RPROF table is being used, check the Use Counts in CICS for the TIRPRFQZ and TIRRTLDC programs by using the following commands: