Installation or awinstall script prompts for or echoes the webserver port twice
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Installation or awinstall script prompts for or echoes the webserver port twice


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


During and awinstall, the webserver will either prompt twice in a row or is echo out twice in a row the Webserver port. Below is an example when running awinstall:

[ams@myhost ~]$ awinstall

 Installation: Attended

               Applications Manager  Install

Enter Applications Manager Install Directory

Checking for previous jre binary installation

Applications Manager being installed as user=ams

Checking Java Version
Version found: 1.8.0_362
Java version=1.8.0_362 located in /home/ams/java/openJDK8/jdk8u362-b09
Install Automation Engine's agent                  = Yes
Checking for distribution files
    skipping ***** extract files from LB_lxr73.Z
    skipping ***** extract files from
    skipping ***** extract files from

Host name = MYHOST
Official hostname =
ip_address =

Automation Engine Name                             = AMS944
Automation Engine IP or Hostname                   =
Oracle Login Name                                  = oraclelogin1
Oracle Service Name                                = oracleservice1
Oracle SQL*Net Connect String (if required)        = @connectstring1
Oracle Instance IP or Hostname                     =
Oracle Listener Port                               = 1521
Start of Virtual day                               = 00:00
Time Zone                                          = America/Los_Angeles
Email information already set
AwComm Port Number                                 = 2134
Install local Rmi Server                           = Yes
Tomcat Web Server installed on this machine        = Yes
Full path of the Tomcat Directory                  =
Tomcat apache_home is /home/ams/tomcat/apache-tomcat-10.0.22
Not able to find tomcat port automatically
Web Server Port                                    = 8080
Web Server Port                                    = 8080
Location of Web Directory                          = /home/ams/ambuilds/ams944
IP address or DNS name of this computer            =
Rmi Registry Port Number                           = 1101
Enable SSL Encryption                              = Yes
Enable Automation Engine Agent Encryption          = Yes
Firewall installed                                 = No
Enable RmiServer Debug                             = No
Remove installation links                          = No
Create/Update File Repository                      = No
Update the next rundate for all schedules          [Y] ?

While this does not cause any issues, seeing the webserver port twice can cause some confusion.


Release : 9.4.x


A fix will be included in Applications Manager version 9.5. In fixed version, the webserver port will only be prompted once and echoed once.