"CAUAJM_E_10673 The requested server operation failed. Operation ID = 364." Error in QuickView
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"CAUAJM_E_10673 The requested server operation failed. Operation ID = 364." Error in QuickView


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Autosys Workload Automation


We in the the process of standing up an stage Autosys instance instance for our company running on Autosys 12.1.


When editing a job in the QuickEdit screen, we are not able to perform two functions in the Actions menu:
1. Rename job
2. Delete job

Whenever we try to perform either we get the below error:

CAUAJM_E_10673 The requested server operation failed. Operation ID = 364.

Doing a "Copy job","Create override" or "View override" appears to work fine without error.

I have commander rights that have read/exectute/delete/modify rights to the job in WAAE EEM. 


All our machines are Windows 2022 Server VMWare VMs running with 4CPUs and 16GB of RAM.

Here is our environment:

autosys-server1 - Primary Scheduler/Application Server
autosys-server2 - Shadow Scheduler/Application Server
wcc-server1 - WebUI/EEM Master Server
wcc-server2 - WebUI/EEM Partner
wcc-server3 - WebUI/EEM Partner

Our Schedulers/Application servers are in HA mode.  Our WebUI/EEM Servers are also in HA mode.

Our backend is running on MS SQL 2019.

Here is some additional info:

autoflags -a (from autosys-server1)):
0312 Windows_NT MSQ 12.1 00.01 0

uejmver.bat (from wcc-server1)
E:\Program Files\CA\WorkloadAutomationAE\wcc>uejmver.bat
Product Name:        AutoSys Web UI
Copyright:           Copyright (c) 2022 Broadcom All rights reserved.
Release:             12.1
Service Pack:        00
Maintenance Level:   00
Build Number:        1313
Volume Label:        ae-webui-12.1.00-10-12
Platform:            Windows
EEM Version:


Autosys  12.1.01


Missing log4j2.xml file


The client had to manually create a missing log4j2.xml file that was missing:


this is not location under <wcc>\log\applciation