Subordinate UVMS remains irreversibly in status 'Unregister pending...'
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Subordinate UVMS remains irreversibly in status 'Unregister pending...'


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When a user tries to unregister/delete a subordinate UVMS from a Master UVMS, and the subordinates host is not reachable (either down or network issue) at this time,  the Subordinate UVMS will remain permanently in a status 'Attente de d├ęsenregistrement'/Pending unregistering' .

This status is irreversibly blocking and will never changed, even when the subordinate is reachable again.

Additional commands like the following are unable to change anything :

unidlt node -node MW_UVS_xxxxxAPP374 -type SUBMS
unidlt node -node MW_UVS_xxxxxAPP374 -type SUBMS -offline
unidlt LINK -type SUBMS -node <node_name>

It is impossible to definitely remove the subordinate from the Master configuration. 



Release : UVMS 7.00.11 in Advanced Architecture.


This is a defect of UVMS solution




Running the 'uniderby' tool to update architecture_role of the impacted Subordinate UVMS. 

The READONLY must has been set to OFF in the uniderby script beforehand

The name of the subordinate UVMS should be passed in the parameter name.

1. Stop the UVMS master
2. Backup the uvms database folder <uvms_folder>/data/data/uvmsdb
3. Modify the file uniderby. Change the line:
    echo READONLY ON; >> %SQLFILE%
4. Launch the command uniderby to update the architecture role of the impacted Subordinate on the Master UVMS database :
           uniderby -q "update uni_uv_nodes set architecture_role='SUBORDINATE' where name='Subordinate UVMS node name'"
5. Start the UVMS master


This defect will be fixed in a near Service pack of UVMS

Additional Information

If the subordinate UVMS does not share his nodes, to avoid any problem with unregistering it from the master UVMS, the simplest and most secure way to achieve this will be an SQL statement submitted via the 'uniderby' instruction.

In the procedure described previously in the Resolution section, replace step 4 with the following line:

uniderby -q "update uni_uv_nodes set architecture_role='SUBORDINATE',share_nodes=1 where name='Subordinate UVMS node name'"

Bug ID : DU_AS-7349
Bug Title: UVMS remains indefinitely in status 'Unregister pending'