Message "ENCS302E load module ENCOPTBL was not found" during Endevor startup
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Message "ENCS302E load module ENCOPTBL was not found" during Endevor startup


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Trying to start Endevor 19.0 under ISPF and getting message

ENCS302E load module ENCOPTBL was not found in any of the authorized libraries. Reason=NOTFOUND

After this error, Endevor initialization abends with S806 and reason code 9210 in load module ENCSAUTH

NOTE: There is no MVS message with prefix CSV as it uses to be with S806 abends. This is because this abend is issued by Endevor



Release : 19.0


This message means that Endevor has failed to load the optional features table module ENCOPTBL. The name of this module is coded in OPTTBL parameter of the C1DEFLTS macro. Name ENCOPTBL is the default name if no value is coded.

There are only a few possible reasons for this message:

  • OPTTBL parameter specifies the wrong name
  •  The wrong C1DEFLTS table is being loaded (so Endevor tries to load an unexpected module)
  •  The optional features table was not assembled or it was cataloged into the wrong loadlib.
  •  The library chain in effect for the Endevor session points to the wrong loadlibs.

Normally, an Endevor options report would help to identify the problem. However, in this case Endevor abends during initialization so there is no way to get this report (which prints at the end of the initialization). Therefore the only way to proceed is to verify that:

  •  The assembly of C1DEFLTS table is done into the expected load library and it specifies the correct value in OPTTBL parameter
  •  The assembly of the optional features table is done into the expected load library under the module name specified in C1DEFLTS OPTTBL parameter
  • The STEPLIB set by the logon procedure or the dynamic STEPLIB set by the CLIST that invokes Endevor points to the correct loadlib
  • If there is an ENUXSITE user exit around, check its logic. This exit may instruct Endevor to load a defaults table using a module name other than C1DEFLTS so it might trigger this error if it causes the unexpected table to be loaded.