Autocorrect deletes content from a custom field (Large String - Rich Text).
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Autocorrect deletes content from a custom field (Large String - Rich Text).


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Clarity PPM SaaS


When users start utilizing the auto-correction or misspelling capability on a status field (DATA TYPE - Large String - Rich Text), the data in the field is being deleted.

The issue is noted in the project's--> status -->A custom field titled "ActualizaciĆ³n del informe sobre el Estado" (custom field (Large String - Rich Text)), which translates as "status report update" in English.

Steps to Reproduce: 

  1. Open Clarity using an admin account.
  2. Go to the classic view
  3. Select Administration --> objects --> click on "status report"
  4. Select Attributes --> Click on "new" --> Create a new attribute (test_mg) using "DATA TYPE - Large String - Rich Text"
  5. Save the attribute.
  6.  Go back to MUX --> Click on projects --> Select any test project --> Click on "Status page" --> and select Configure.
  7. Search for the new attribute (test_mg) and add it to the status report.
  8. Now please add the attached pdf content added to the custom attribute (test_mg).
  9. As soon as the content is added, the field will start showing the auto-correction for the misspellings.
  10. As soon as the user tried to autocorrect the misspelled word the data is erased from the field.

Expected Results:  A Custom field (Large String - Rich Text) should not erase the data when a user tries to autocorrect a word in its content.

Actual Results: The content data is getting erased whenever a user tries to auto-correct a word in the custom field (Large String - Rich Text)



Release : 16.1.1




DE70042 is fixed in Release 16.1.2