Active Processes Appear in Pre-check phase of Checkinstall
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Active Processes Appear in Pre-check phase of Checkinstall


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Clarity PPM On Premise


In the process of upgrading 15.9.3 to 16.0.3, and when checkinstall is executed the pre-check shows that following Warning!

check-active-processes xml : Active processes found are listed in file /home/clarity/clarity 16.0.3/checkinstall/check-logs\active_processes.txt. Please put those processes on hold before continue message that processes are active. 



Following processes (Process ID, Process Name) are active: 

content_addin_installer, Install Content Add-In
content_package_packager, Content Packager


Release : 16.0.3


The pre-upgrade check script check-active-processes.xml appears to be indicating process jobs stuck in waiting for process engine. You could check the job schedule list for the job status = "waiting for process engine", and cancel them out and delete them and rerun the clarity pre-upgrade check. The warning status should not be a show stopper if you choose to go ahead with the 16.0.3. upgrade. The pre-upgrade check is just a "warning" and not "error" that needs to corrected pre-upgrade.