Getting CMN-0015 error in version 16.1.2
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Getting CMN-0015 error in version 16.1.2


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After upgrade to 16.1.2 we are receiving CMN-0015 error on our Project custom attribute  (ID: clone_logs) 

On database, we have value for this project > attribute but it seems like from Network that Rest API is using PUT method, which it should not be.

Till last version 16.1.1 everything was working fine.




Release : 16.1.2


1- Add a RTF attribute to the project object
2- Create a process to be used on the modern UX
3- Add a System Action to Lock the RTF field
4- Add a Custom Script to do a direct database update
For example:
update odf_ca_project 
set zatr_rtf = '{"ops":[{"insert":"Process completed\n","attributes":{"header":3,"font":"open-sans"}},{"insert":"\nSuccessfully loaded modules:\n","attributes":{"header":4,"font":"open-sans"}},{"insert":"Pricing\n","attributes":{"list":"bullet"}},{"insert":"\nFailed modules:\n","attributes":{"header":4,"bold":true,"font":"open-sans"}},{"insert":"None\n","attributes":{"font":"open-sans"}}]}';
5- Add process to Blueprint
6- Apply blueprint to a project and add RTF attribute to blueprint project properties page
7- Run the process from the actions menu
8- Refresh the page.  RTF field is locked
When the attribute has a JSON value, a PUT is done to try and update the field when 
there are no updates.  
ERROR: CMN-0015: Attribute 'z_clone_logs' was locked and cannot be charged.  

Expected Results: RTF field is locked 

Actual Results: When there is a JSON value in DB, clarity tries to update this field via a PUT with no value

Use HTML format in direct SQL update to database instead of JSON


JSON is not supported

This issue will happen if the database column has a JSON string, when it should be HTML

This may be caused by a direct database update

The functionality has been corrected in 16.1.3 and, this is associated to DE70265.