Broadcom plans to support Java 17 with Clarity 16.2.0 onwards
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Broadcom plans to support Java 17 with Clarity 16.2.0 onwards


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As part of our continuous collaboration, we want to provide the following advance notice regarding a planned Java upgrade. In the context of Broadcom's continuous efforts to upgrade  third party components, we plan to upgrade Java to version 17.

Below are the details of this planned upgrade:

  • Change: Broadcom plans to upgrade Clarity’s supported Java version to Java 17 in concert with the targeted release of Clarity 16.2.0.
  • When: This change is targeted to be included as part of the Clarity 16.2.0 release which is scheduled for November, 2023.
  • Impact: 
    • Clarity will only support Java 17 with the release of Clarity 16.2.0.
    • Any Java classes deprecated/removed in Java 17 will no longer be available as part of the Clarity 16.2.0 installation.
    • We do not have the full list of these classes removed in Java 17 and expect customers to validate their custom solutions, that depend on Java classes, will continue to function with classes available in Java 17.
    • Custom components compiled in Java 11 could continue to function with Java 17. However, customers will be responsible for testing their custom solutions to ensure it functions with Java 17.
      • For example, if a customer has a GEL script using a specific JAVA class then they should validate that the script will continue to work with JAVA 17.
      • Customers using custom solutions created by partners, such as Package work products or adaptors, then contact the partner to ensure their solution will work with JAVA 17.


Clarity 16.2.0 onwards