Unable to access TSO sessions from TPX after z/OS 2.5 upgrade
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Unable to access TSO sessions from TPX after z/OS 2.5 upgrade


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TPX - Session Management


Separate TPX instances are setup for PROD, DEV and TEST environments.
Normally, PROD TPX is used to access DEV and TEST TSO sessions.

However, after upgrading TEST LPAR from z/OS 2.4 to 2.5 the behavior changed.
An attempt to access TSO session on the TEST LPAR from PROD TPX, the following error was observed and access to TSO on TEST LPAR failed. PROD and DEV are still running z/OS 2.4.

 06/07/23.158 08:10:49.36 ACB .... SELECTED FOR USER TPPPP    APPL TSOF   
 06/07/23.158 08:10:49.75 RPL ERROR MANAGEMENT ROUTINE ENTERED                
PLU=....  SLU=....  USER=TPPPP    REQ=29 00001004 00800000 TO APPL  
  TERMSB=1651C780 APPLSB=1651C060 EB=15F3D900 RPL=15F3D108                    
  SENSE CODE=087D0001 MEANING=LU UNAVAILABLE                                  
  ACTIONS TO BE TAKEN:                                                        
                       EVENT STORAGE PURGED                                   
06/07/23.158 08:10:49.75 SESSION ENDED: TSOF     .... TSO15    TPPPP   1

While using TPX from TEST LPAR to access TSO sessions, PROD, DEV and TEST were accessible.
On RE-IPLing TEST LPAR back to z/OS 2.4 access to TSO sessions on all 3 LPARs worked fine.

What is causing this anomaly ?


Release : 5.4
Component  :TPX for Z/OS


This appears to be VTAM cross domain setup condition from Sense code 087D as shown below:

Ref : Sense code 087D                                                                
Session services path error: A session-services request cannot be rerouted     
along a path of SSCP-SSCP sessions. This capability is required, for example,  
to set up a cross-network LU-LU session.       

The problem was resolved by activating the CDRMS node for both the LPARs. This was missing when the TEST LPAR was IPL-ed with z/OS 2.5.