SSG query slowdown - Throughput Quota Assertion - Counters table
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SSG query slowdown - Throughput Quota Assertion - Counters table


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CA API Gateway


The client experienced an underperforming query.
It has a high impact for the GW API.

 this is a gw 10.1 Kubernetes (AKS) , 
- customer declared, they truncated the counter table (27Millions to 0 rows) but they said the slowness from API responses continues after that.
   This indicate something extra be involved to produce API response slow with an empty table.



Release : 10.1


High quantity of rows in counter table and scalability on Throughput Quota Assertion properties set on consistency mode.


1) to maintain "counters" table more light (less rows on it) 
- if you are using only minute based, then probably can just do a purge every hour. 
- Worst case scenario is once purge, the requester can pass 3 more times. So, Rows on table added and increasing
- if you have more like monthly counter, then needs to delete from counters where counters.lastupdate<timestamp (something like that)
example to clean for MONTH :
  DELETE FROM counters 
    WHERE last_update / 1000 < UNIX_TIMESTAMP(NOW() - INTERVAL ${​​​​​​​​timeFrame}​​​​​​​​ MONTH) 
    LIMIT ${​​​​​​​​limitValue}​​​​​​​​

2) In revision found 3 configurations which had set the scalability in "consistency" mode . Changed scalability to a middle range then started to work without slowness