Unit cost is incorrect when entering transactions in MUX
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Unit cost is incorrect when entering transactions in MUX


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When creating transactions in MUX and changing the cost, the unit cost still shows the original cost from the matrix and not the updated unit cost.
This appears to happen for each row that is entered manually.  If the line is copied, the additional rows do show the correct unit costs.



1. Make sure project and resource are financially enabled

2. Make sure there is a matching row in the matrix and not the cost/rate fields.

3. In MUX Transaction Entry create a transaction
   - Make the Quantity = 1
   - Change the cost to 1000
   - Leave the Rate
4. Now select that row and copy it twice

5. Go to the project you posted the transactions for

6. Go to    Financials / Actual Transactions
   - If Unit Cost column is not showing add it

Expected Results:  All the transactions have the unit cost for what you put as the cost on your transaction


Actual Results:  First transaction shows the unit cost of what is in the Rate Matrix Actual Cost field and not the cost you entered on the transaction
                          If all transactions are manually entered and not copied, all those will have incorrect unit cost as well.

Workaround:  None for MUX

Transaction will look like this

Note the the first 3 are for task Manual entry each line. That means  each entry was created by adding a new row and manually entering data without copying.  All have the incorrect unit cost.  They should all have 1000 as the units = 1 and the cost I entered was 1000.

The last 3 lines are for the task 'copied lines'.  The first line here is the original entry done the same as the manual ones, but the other 2 are just copies of the fist line.  Those pick up the correct cost.  Is it because the value automatically populated from the matrix on the manual transaction lines and does not get overwritten when I type in the new amount?  But the copied ones already have the correct cost.


Release : 16.1.1 and 16.1.2


Reported as DE70411


DE70411 fixed in 16.1.3