OPS/MVS OPSLOG Archival System and Compatibility with SMS Compression
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OPS/MVS OPSLOG Archival System and Compatibility with SMS Compression


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


The on-the-fly OPSLOG Archive process creates 200,000 line archive files as GDG +1 datasets.

The weekly archive takes 19 on-the-fly input files to create 3.8mil+ MERGED ARCHIVE of 7,000+cylinders. The lpar with 1 OPSMVS OPSLOG archival with a rolling 12 months of history contains 500+ datasets in it's archival systems, on-the-fly GDG Index has 200 max entries, leaving 300+ merged files of 7,000+ cylinders each. MF Storage team has show a potential to use SMS compression of 7,000+ cyl to 400+ cyl will save greatly both with disk and HSM storage, for this 1 lpar, times 10 lpars for this datacenter environment.
What compatibility has been tested with OPSLOG Archive Merging creation then restoring/viewing, as well as on-the-fly Archive creation then restoring/viewing with SMS Compression turned on? If you need to discuss forms of SMS Compression, I'll have to pass between you and my MF Storage technician.


Release : 14.0


There should not be any issues with using SMS compression for OPSLOG archive or merged OPSLOG archive datasets.