File Reader fails to start with error 1302
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File Reader fails to start with error 1302


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Data Loss Prevention Core Package


File Reader fails to start with the below Message Code:

Message Code:1302

Summary: File Reader failed to start

Detail: Error starting File Reader. Failed to compile script Line 24: Advanced functions are not enabled. Please check your property configurations No incidents will be detected.



15.8.x and 16.0.x


Genie script functionality is not enabled on the Enforce and detection servers.


All servers that interact with a policy that requires genie script functionality should have the genie script functionality enabled by setting the java parameter "genieScript.ADVANCED_FUNCTION_ENABLED.str" to true which is set as part of the java startup command.

For the Manager service on enforce this is done by adding the following line to the SymantecDLPManager.conf = -DgenieScript.ADVANCED_FUNCTION_ENABLED.str=true
Note that "" is used so long as the number 203 is not already being used, otherwise just use the next number available in in the 200 range.

The other java process that needs to have this parameter enabled is FileReader.

This is done by appending "-DgenieScript.ADVANCED_FUNCTION_ENABLED.str=true" to the existing BoxMonitor.FileReaderMemory setting (System > Servers and Detectors > Overview > Server / Detector Detail - Advanced Settings).