CICS session waiting for terminal response in MAI.
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CICS session waiting for terminal response in MAI.


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SOLVE:Access Session Management


Have a number of users that start multiple CICS sessions in MAI all at once, they then get placed in the first session and the other session have a CQRY trans waiting in CICS which does not go away until they select that session in MAI.

This results in a lot of CQRY transaction waiting for a long time.

Is there any setting in MAI we can use to respond to the CQRY's or can the session be timed out.


Release : 5.0


You can use scripting to reply to the CQRY transaction or you can use MTACTION=CANCEL,MTLIMIT=mm to cancel the session after mm minutes of inactivity. 


See DEFLOGON statement Parms for MTLIMIT and MTACTION for DEFLOGONs in “DEFLOGON Command -- Define Logon Information