Staffing Workspace - Allocation Timeline - Filtering Issues
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Staffing Workspace - Allocation Timeline - Filtering Issues


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Various issues are found in 16.1.2 Staffing Workspace Allocation Timeline section.

1) Allocations by Investment Section:  Filter by Investment Name or Investment Manager or Resource Full Name does not filter results

Steps to Reproduce: 
a- On an environment with many Investments
b- Go to Staffing - Allocations Timeline
c- Add a Filter for Investment Name = Some Investment (same behaviour when selecting Resource Full Name from Staffing).

Expected Results: Investments are filtered

Actual Results:  Investments are not filtered, all investments are returned.   However, the investments which meet the filter criteria have the expand icon and do show the results where other investments show 0 allocations.


2) Allocations by Resource Section:  Filter by Current User returns all results as well.  Current User will have the results, all others will show 0.  


Release : 16.1.2


  • Please use the 'Name' field from the 'Common Investment' object. Do not use the 'Investment Name' field from the Staffing Object.
  • Please use 'Full Name' from 'Resource' object. Do not use the 'Resource Full Name' field from the Staffing Object.
  • However you may still get additional investments if only filtering by Resource options on the Investments page.  This page is made to filter at the investment level and not the resource level. 
  • Use the Allocations by Resource option to filter by resource.  However, you cannot see the list of investments easily using this option. 

For more information on current functionality, reference online topic for 'Analyze Allocations by using Allocations Timeline' - Unallocated Resources and Investments in 16.1.2  

Additional Information

On the Resource by Allocations option, an issue has been reported that an error is show when trying to add custom investments.

API-1004 : Invalid resource identifier nnnnnn.   It appears that only Projects (no other type of investments) can be added successfully here.  This error is being investigated.

Reference KB 269838 - API-1004 Cannot add CITs on Allocation Timeline