Apache HTTPD
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Apache HTTPD


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CA Application Performance Management (APM / Wily / Introscope)


Creating a demo using container public image caapm/apmia:latest and enabling Webserver Monitor. To ensure I can make a connection to Apache HTTPD, I have a link from APMIA to HTTPD.

Loading a custom WebServerConfig.xml to /usr/local/apmia/extensions/Webserver-monitor/config.

The agent is not able to connect to and fetch data from Apache HTTPD. I can connect to APMIA shell and use cURL to fetch the server-status page. I can also fetch the page from outside of Docker from the host server.


Release : 23.1

The environment is built using Docker Compose.


The supportability to monitor Apache HTTPD will be included in the next SaaS rollout.

Target release: 2023.5.1.13 release.