Dispatch - DSB7 DC980615 V1 OV File is Full 
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Dispatch - DSB7 DC980615 V1 OV File is Full 


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Dispatch Output Mgmt


We receive the following Dispatch errors:

DSB7 DC980615 V1 OV File is Full 

DC980622 V1 CADSMF04 Data Base Error, Error Status: 121

From the System Programming Guide, which parts should we execute?



Release : 11.7


The procedures to migrate to a larger size OV-area are documented in the Dispatch System Programmer Guide, Chapter 6, entitled "Migrating the Report Distribution Database". 

If there is the need to increase the size of the OV-area, please read the entire chapter. 

The process to increase the size of a database file (a multi-step process) has where the ending steps are documented at the end of Chapter 6. 

Typically, this process should be scheduled to occur during off hours.

If the OV file becomes full, with it the need to make room in the OV-area in migrating to a larger size, you can use the online viewing PAGES command to find large reports and/or MSGCLASS entries and delete them out of online viewing.

For example, to identify all reports with at least 500 pages, go to the VOVMI010 View Report Selection screen (via options B.1 from the main menu) and type "PAGES 500" in the command line. 

This same PAGES command can be issued on the VOVMI200 MSGCLASS Job Selection Screen.

When the PAGES command is issued, the display will be limited and you will only see reports with 500 or more pages.

The syntax is PAGES nnnnn  (Where nnnnn sets the desired page limit).

Once the larger reports have been identified, you may then want to determine how many recipients each report has, so that when you manually DELETE the entry, you get the most in terms of freeing up space in the OV-area.

To determine how many recipients a report has, you can submit the CADSJCL library job DSEXCULP, with the MEMBER symbolic set as MEMBER=DSCULP01, and this will produce a listing showing you the reports defined to Dispatch and the RECIPIENTS defined for each report. 

From this listing you can determine how many recipients a report has.

You may find that archiving or deleting a few large reports that have many recipients will make enough room in the OV-area to allow you to continue running until a migration of the OV-area to a larger size can be done.