Installation of RO78062 - Is a rebind necessary?
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Installation of RO78062 - Is a rebind necessary?


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Applied RO78062 to our original CSI (not z/OSMF), ++HOLD for the PTF states to re-run the following jobs:
IJ3STGE1 (views, reassembles interface, bind),
CB2ACMDL (does link and copy)
and SQLINST4. 

This PTF goes against the Pan/SQL CAILIB, but it also updates DB2 VIEWS and rebinds DB2.  Why is this necessary?



Pan/SQL with release 2.4C


For this PTF, RO78062, why are the Db2 views updated and the Db2 bind needing to be rebound? 

Applying this PTF to PanSQL is part of the maintenance required to enable Easytrieve programs to process DB2 columns of the type BIGINT.

Prior to this PTF, PanSQL did not recognize DB2 BIGINT columns. New functionality is being added to the product with the BIGINT functionality. 

A new DDDEF is also added with this PTF. 

Additional Information

The ++HOLD instructions state to rerun the IJ3STGE1 and CB2ACMDL JCL members and then the SQLINST4 jobs, running SQLINST4 only if multiple subsystems.