How do I limt WCC users to a single tab or a few tabs?
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How do I limt WCC users to a single tab or a few tabs?


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Autosys Workload Automation


We have a requirement to provide QuickView access only in the WCC console and they should not see any other tabs like dashboard and others.
I have tried to implement it and cannot get the required output.
could you please help to get it?


Autosys 12.x


1) log into EEM to the WCC00004 as the EIAMADMIN user
2) go to the Manage Access Policies
3) Click on the policy and then choose ApplicationAccess
4) I would suggest you Make a Copy of the Default policy,   call it backup, and Disable it
5) so  you have the original available, just in case
6) edit the ApplicationAccess policy and add the user or group that you want to only have quick access
7) then make sure the only things checked are the launcher and Quickview

Example for my LDAPUSER1

8) Make sure the users are not in another group that gives them permission to access other tabs
9) restart the WCC services to see the effect immediately instead of waiting for the EEM cache update.

Additional Information

Why do I still see tabs after making the change?


The reason you are still seeing the tabs is that your user is another group that provides access.
EEM /WCC is a least restrictive model, meaning that if ANY group gives permission you will have it.

In EEM you can search for your user ID and see the groups that it belongs to.
One of those groups is giving your permission.
I would assume you are using LDAP integration and your user is in an LDAP group that is assigned to a dynamic group such as console operators or

example of a user with rights:

Below is an example of a user with no permissions.

You can use the permission check with debug mode to confirm this.

Below shows a user with group permissions.