Deliver - Removal of Deliver Database
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Deliver - Removal of Deliver Database


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We have an old Deliver database which was used for repositories to which no new reports are being archived.

There is no started task currently executing that uses that Deliver database, and while there are several View repositories that were created when this database was active, none of these repositories receive new reports.    

Is there a requirement that we retain this old DELIVER information, as long as the repositories are still active? 

We, upon scheduling for deletion, found that XMS has the Deliver database allocated. 

What would be the best steps to remove this database?


Release : 14.0


It was suggested that the client run SARINIT on their View databases, to see if there are any Deliver database references there, for the Deliver database in question, in the EXPRESS=... parameter. 

In testing, the client found that they could set the SARINIT parameter to its default of "EXPRESS=   ", to stop the Deliver database from being allocated. 

Please note that trying to remove a Deliver database comes with these caveats:

 . EXP mode will no longer work and will not present any reports for that View database, due to no longer being able to access the Distribution ID information.

 . EXPO mode will, though, still work.

 . Standard View reprint panels will be presented for all Deliver reprints.

 . Inability to perform SARBCH /EPRINT to print Deliver reports. 

   Only /PRINT can be performed.

 . There may be the need to stop the related SARXMS task, to be able to delete the Deliver database, if it was previously accessed.