Cold start required for an agent
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Cold start required for an agent


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Autosys Workload Automation CA Workload Automation AE - System Agent (AutoSys)


We are looking to perform a cold start of the agent. We need your help to understand the correct procedure and the recommended timings to proceed with this.

Also, will the running jobs be impacted due to this?


Autosys R12.x
System agent


yes doing a cold start on an agent will cause problems with jobs such as but not limited to
- jobs processes being interrupted
- job status not updating correctly.
- the agent losing track of job processes.

My suggestion would be to put the machine to offline then let any running jobs finish.
if needed kill any jobs that do not finish in a timely manor.

Then do your agent stop and start
and once the agent is back up set the machine status back to online.