Linux servers hang after upgrading to SEP 14.3 RU6
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Linux servers hang after upgrading to SEP 14.3 RU6


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After upgrading the Endpoint Protection client to 14.3 RU6 (14.3.2509.6000), Linux machines running the agent may get into a hung state. In the /var/log/messages file, you will see the following types of error messages:

sisap_uc_uevent: fp was DELETED


SEP 14.3.2509.6000


There is a defect where AutoProtect is mistakenly blocking an event timeout because the scanner did not respond on time. This will cause the server to hang.


Upgrade the agent to the latest version (14.3.2529.6000 or later).

To temporarily mitigate the problem, until the agent upgrade can be applied, you can disable AutoProtect in the AV policy associated to the server.  This will work around the hang problem until the servers can be updated to the 14.3.2529.6000 or later agent.

For computers with no internet access follow the steps in the following document: Creating SEP Single Linux Agent full installation packages for deployment on offline or isolated computers