Java locale with Clarity
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Java locale with Clarity


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The Java locale can cause multiple different issues with Clarity. Incorrect Java locale can lead to rounded values, wrong decimal points, wrong percentages

We recommend the Tomcat service to be on OS that is set to United States - English and US Locale. 


Release : Any Supported Release


Set OS Locale Correctly

  1. Set up the Locale on the OS correctly to United States - English
  2. For Windows, ensure you make the change both in Control Panel - Region and Windows Settings
  3. Then reboot the whole server.

In event your server is set up correctly and still detects wrong, or you cannot set the OS locale

Set Java Locale

  1. Edit your properties.xml or CSA
  2. For App and BG service JVM settings, add the below parameters at the end of the line and save: -Duser.language=en 
  3. Restart services

Set Java environmental variable 

This should be the last option if nothing else works

  1. Add a new System environmental variable called JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS
  2. Set it to '-Duser.language=en -Duser.region=US' 
  3. Save
  4. Reboot the server