Datacom Level Set PTF 15.1.01 Not Pulling Pre-Req PTFs
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Datacom Level Set PTF 15.1.01 Not Pulling Pre-Req PTFs


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I have fallen behind on maintenance for the account and I am interested in using Datacom Level Set 15.1.01 to catch up on maintenance.  The Datacom MUFs are at maintenance level CARS 1912.  Ideal, IPC and CICS Service are at the Release 15.1 base level of maintenance.

I have received one of the level set PTF's for IPC ( LU08360 ) and ran apply check against it.  It flagged several PTFs as being missing.  The impression I was working under is that LU08360 would pull in the necessary prereq PTFs.  Is there a parameter in that would pull in all the necessary PTF or does each PTF need to be downloaded, and received?


Release : 15.1


The Level Set PTF pre-reqs all the published maintenance for the component up to that point in time.  For IPC level set PTF LU08360, there are several IFREQs, a number of PREs and one SUP.  The Level Set is not a single huge PTF that includes all maintenance previously published and SUPs all the previous individual PTFs (which is what Service Packs provide). So all the PRE PTFs need to be in the environment for the Level Set PTF to apply successfully.

Instead of downloading each required PTF one by one, You can add LU08360, or any of the other level set PTF's, to your download cart by clicking and selecting the empty box. Navigate to the cart on the top right of the page and once there, be sure the "complete package for all" toggle switch is blue and selected. Then download with your preferred method by either HTTPS or FTP.

The download pulls all dependencies and hold action items, if applicable. As an example by using LU08360, following the HTTPS download method to a client PC would show the following after unzipping the folder.

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