CA1 ISPF panel $TMPT$INU does not display uncataloged tapes
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CA1 ISPF panel $TMPT$INU does not display uncataloged tapes


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CA 1 Flexible Storage


After upgrading to CA1 15.0, the ISPF INQUIRY/UPDATE panel (TMPI$INU) does not list un-cataloged tapes in the Data Set Name field.  If the dataset is cataloged, it does display the tape info correctly.  This one particular dataset name occurs 16 times in the TMC.  The other system in the SYSPLEX sharing the same TMC is running CA1 14.0 and correctly displays a list of all 16 entries.  As far as I can see, all the correct ISPF libraries are being allocated and the correct loadlib is in the linklst.  The VOLSER number entry works just fine.  


Release : 15.0


New support was added in CA1 14.0 (SO15247) and base CA1 15.0 which affects the behavior of the ISPF panel in question.  


In CA 1 14.0 an enhancement was delivered (SO15247), and which has since been incorporated into CA1 15.0, which affects the not-cataloged ISPF DSN lookup to support full pattern masking. Now, the fully qualified name that was being supplied contains a pattern masking character (the pound sign - #). So, CA1 is treating this as a pattern masking character. If this is to be treated as a simple character (since in this case a pound-sign character was a part of the DSN) a backslash (\) character needs to be placed in front of the pattern masking character (this tells CA1 that the next character is a real character and not a pattern masking character).

This could also be coded as P.BRC.?2402DD3.BKUP - which would match anything in the 7th position (where the "?" character is) - including a pound-sign.


Additional Information

The Pattern Masking characters currently supported are dash, asterisk, question mark, exclamation mark, pound sign, at sign and back slash (each has a different meaning). 
Full documentation in the CA 1 manual can be found here.

Also, note that it is possible to change the pattern masking characters if desired.