How to upgrade Tomcat for Clarity
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How to upgrade Tomcat for Clarity


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We would like to upgrade Clarity Tomcat to a later, supported version. How can we do this?


Release : Any Supported Release


1. Stop and remove Clarity services with commands:
service stop remove all
2. Install Tomcat with the desired version (ensure it's supported in Release Notes for the respective version)
3. Ensure the permissions on the Tomcat folder are set correct to allow for the user starting and running Clarity to access and execute the files
4. Ensure if you have set up any environmental variables that they are corrected (i.e. CATALINA_HOME etc)
5. Now open properties.xml and correct "home" for applicationServer correctly:
<applicationServer vendor="tomcat" useLdap="true" home="/opt/tomcat/latest"
6. Now add deploy and start services:
service add app bg nsa beacon
service start all
7. You may now delete the old Tomcat files, ensure you are able to restart services with no problem after it's removed