IBM APAR OA61750 and Solve/NetMaster products
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IBM APAR OA61750 and Solve/NetMaster products


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SOLVE: Access Session Management SOLVE:Operations Automation NetMaster File Transfer Management NetMaster Network Automation NetMaster Network Management for SNA NetMaster Network Management for TCP/IP Unicenter NetMaster Network Management for SNA


IBM APAR OA61750 (NEW FUNCTION - SUPPORT JES2 CHECKPOINT VERSIONS IN 64-BIT STORAGE) moves the JES2 checkpoint versions into 64-bit private storage.

The description of IBM PTF UJ09134 (PE, fixed by UJ92145, contained in RSU2303) contains the following note:

Once APAR OA61750 is installed, applications  that request checkpoint versions must be updated to utilize the version 10 IAZDSERV parameter list.

Can this PTF affect any of the Solve/NetMaster products?


Solve:Access 5.0
Solve:Operations Automation 11.9
NetMaster 12.2


None of the products in the NetMaster suite of products (including Solve:Access and Solve:Operations) use JES2 checkpoint versions, so they should all be unaffected by the PTF.