Blueprint Business Rule on Risk Mandatory Fields Not Working
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Blueprint Business Rule on Risk Mandatory Fields Not Working


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After adding Required Attributes Business Rules for Risk Object to a Blueprint, Risks are able to be added to a project associated with the blueprint without the Required Attributes values being provided.

Steps to Reproduce: 

1. Ensure the Risk Object > ID attribute is auto-numbered.
2. Create a Project Blueprint with the Risk module configured on it.
3. Create a Business Rule to make additional Required Attributes on the Risk Object (e.g. Category Type, Assumptions).
4. Associate the blueprint to a project.
5. Add a risk to the project without providing values for Category Type or Assumptions

Expected Results: Additional mandatory attributes should be required to create the risk.

Actual Results: Risk is created without requiring additional mandatory attributes to be entered.
Clicking into any of the additional mandatory attributes (e.g. Category Type), will allow for data entry and clicking off will initiate a Pop-up for the additional mandatory fields (Assumptions) to be entered. If you click Cancel in the Pop-up, the fields remain not entered.


  • The Product Management team have confirmed that this is working as designed:
  • Blueprint Required Attribute rules can be bypassed by the user but will pop up again when updates are made to the record. 
  • This is what we call 'required fields by annoyance' - it will keep reminding you to fill in the required fields. 
  • If you want the field to always be required for all records, then you can set the requirement on the attribute within Studio.