WA Agent stop and javacore is generated
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WA Agent stop and javacore is generated


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WA Agent may stop and not restart.  The agent install directory has JIT dump and javacore files.  

Agent logs show this:

XX/XX/20XX 00:00:12.345-0400: abort() has been invoked in the JVM



Release : 12.0


The javacore file examination may show the following or similar excerpts

Cause of thread dump : Dump Event "gpf" (00002000) received

The issue is more common with IBM J9 or AdoptOpenJDK JRE.


The following workaround may be used to start the agent;

1. Navigate to agent installation directory.

2. Copy cybAgent to cybAgent.bak

3. Edit cybAgent with text editor like vi or notepad

4. Add these two lines under:  export LD_LIBRARY_PATH


5. Save cybAgent and start agent


Additional Information

Note: If the agent still has issues, then download or use OpenJDK or Oracle JRE (check with Oracle for licensing).  Users can use any JRE from any vendor as long as it's JRE 8.