Maintenance Roll Out - BCPii V2
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Maintenance Roll Out - BCPii V2


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


We are planning to roll out the latest maintenance to OPSMVS. However, don't want to make any modifications to the existing BCPii setup.

Though we roll out the latest Maintenance, hope the BCPii V2 won't get picked up until the corresponding PROC is updated. 


Release : 14.0


If you don't change the OPSBCPII JCL procedure you won't be enabling V2. From documentation:

EXECPARM keyword

Used to enable the OPS/REXX ADDRESS HWS v2 host environment. You specify EXECPARM=RESTAPI to enable the HWS v2 host environment that uses the z/OS BCPii V2 HWIREST RESTlike API.
Note: Specifying EXECPARM=RESTAPI will initialize both the legacy z/OS BCPii V1 interface as well as the BCPii V2 REST interface. Which interface processes requests is controlled by the APIVERSION keyword that you specify on the ADDRESS HWS SENDCMD, SETATTR or GETATTR commands.

So, if you don't specify EXECPARM=RESTAPI, only the v1 option will be enabled. Moreover, if your ADDRESS HWS commands don't have the APIVERSION(2) keyword you would still be using v1. 


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