Upgrade to CCS 12.6.1 using LiveUpdate without internet access
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Upgrade to CCS 12.6.1 using LiveUpdate without internet access


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Control Compliance Suite Control Compliance Suite Standards Server


You need to upgrade an older version of CCS (12.5.1, 12.5.2, 12.6.0) to CCS 12.6.1, but the CCS Application Server does not have access to the internet to download the LiveUpdate packages, or the LiveUpdate packages for 12.6.1 are not available in as an option LiveUpdate.


Release: Upgrading CCS 12.5.1, 12.5.2, 12.6.0 to CCS 12.6.1

Component: CCS Application Server and remote CCS managers


Use the following steps to download the CCS 12.6.1 Upgrade LiveUpdate package from the Broadcom support site, then manually apply it to the CCS Application Server.

Download the CCS 12.6.1 Upgrade LiveUpdate pack from Broadcom

  1. Login to the support.broadcom.com
  2. Select the 'My Downloads' link on the left side, and then search for 'Control Compliance Suite'.  Select any product listed with Control Compliance Suite, i.e. Control Compliance Suite Standards Server
  3. Branch the different versions of CCS, and select CCS Infra Release 12.6.1

  4. Download Upgrade_To_Symantec_Control_Compliance_Suite_12_6_1_Windows_EN.zip and copy the zip file to the CCS Application Server.
    NOTE: If you get the error 'logout - errorBad Gateway' when starting the download, just try downloading it again.

Manually copy the 12.6.1 upgrade media to LiveUpdate on the Application Server

  1. On the CCS Application Server, unzip Upgrade_To_Symantec_Control_Compliance_Suite_12_6_1_Windows_EN.zip to a temporary folder.  Browse to the Upgrade_To_Symantec_Control_Compliance_Suite_12_6_1_Windows_EN\LiveUpdate folder for the following 6 files:
  2. Move any existing files and folders from the C:\ProgramData\Symantec\CCS\LiveUpdateStaging\CCS_PU folder to another location. 
  3. Copy those 6 files to the C:\ProgramData\Symantec\CCS\LiveUpdateStaging\CCS_PU\CCS1260.12_60_10100_1500_CCS_PU folder. 
    NOTE: Create the CCS1260.12_60_10100_1500_CCS_PU folder if it does not already exist)
  4. Once those files have been copied, as a user that has the CCS Administrator Role, open the CCS Console and then go to Admin -> LiveUpdate section, and under the Common Tasks dropdown select Refresh, then select Check Updates.  Once that completes, the option for CCS 12.6.1 should be listed in the LiveUpdate section.


Before using LiveUpdate to upgrade to 12.6.1, review the following recommendations:

  • Make sure you have current backups of your Application Server and also the CSM_Db and CSM_Reports databases before upgrading.
  • It is recommended to reboot your Application server before upgrading the Application Server to 12.6.1 to clear any files that are locked or that might be in use.
  • Once the Application server is upgraded to 12.6.1, you can upgrade your remote managers.


Upgrading to CCS 12.6.1 using LiveUpdate

  1. To upgrade to CCS 12.6.1 using LiveUpdate, under the Common Tasks dropdown, select Deploy Updates.  
  2. In the Edit Automatic Updates Installation Job window, in the Job Details section select Next.
  3. In the Specify Deployment Details section, only check Product Updates, and check both Push and Install so that the media is pushed to the CCS components and installed in the same job.  Click Next.
  4. Check the CCS site(s) on where to deploy the upgrade.  Click Next.
  5. Choose Use Service Account to deploy the upgrade, or the user that installed CCS can be used for deploying the upgrade by selecting Select Install User Account and then browsing to that user.  Then click Next.
  6. Select Run now, and click Next.
  7. Enter the notification information (optional), then click Next.
  8. Verify the information in the Job Summary, and then click Finish

After upgrading the Application Server, run the Automatic Update Job again to update the remote managers to CCS 12.6.1.

Additional Information

If applying the upgrade to 12.6.1 may fail if the Assembly Verifiers have not been applied:

The ‘Automatic Update Install’ job fails in CCS with error message: Digital signature verification failed