RC Copy Paste Problem
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RC Copy Paste Problem


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During RC Session, Copy/Paste actions do not always paste the correct text. Sometimes old copied text are pasted.

Example to reproduce the issue :

1- In RC Session, open notepad on the rc host machine.
2- Write a text into notepad (ex: HELLO)
3- Select the text and right click on selection and select Copy
4- Into the notepad do CTRL+V to copy the text. It is correctly copied --->OK
5- Do again CTRL+V, another text is copied. (it looks like it is the previous string copied into clipboard).

If after step 4, the string is pasted using mouse right clicks, there is no problem.
The problem only occurs with usage of CTRL+V


Client Automation 14.5


Problem occurs when text is copied using Mouse and pasted using keyboard (CTRL+V)

Copy / Paste | MOUSE PASTE |  CTRL+V  |
| MOUSE COPY |     OK      |    NOK   |
| CTRL+C     |     OK      |     OK   |


As workaround : use Mouse right click to paste the clipboard.
This problem is in development backlog and solution will be included in a future patch/release