API Gateway: Enabling SSL Connection for Microsoft SQL JDBC Connection on Container Gateway
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API Gateway: Enabling SSL Connection for Microsoft SQL JDBC Connection on Container Gateway


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CA API Gateway


How to configure SSL JDBC connection for Microsoft SQL Server on Container Gateway environment on Kubernetes?


Release : 10.1


Any Linux server with Java installed you can generate truststore.jks using keytool.

Here is the example, did with GKE to mount truststore.jks, sample files attached

git clone  https://github.com/CAAPIM/apim-charts   Pease read https://github.com/CAAPIM/apim-charts/blob/stable/charts/gateway/README.md
$ cd charts/gateway
$ mkdir truststore
$ cp truststore.jks to charts/gateway/truststore
$ creat a new file gw10.1-values.yaml (this is the file override the default values.yaml, including mounting truststore.jks to directory /opt/SecureSpan/Gateway/runtime/etc as example, customer can mount to other location as well)
$ create a new file kustomization.yaml ( this generate secret for truststore.jks)
$ create a new file namespace.yaml ( this defined the namespace belongs to me in GKE)
$ cd .. ( move to charts directory)
$ kubectl apply -k gateway  ( this generate secret/truststore-override-secret under namespace emilyz, make sure kubectl client is the version (1.24)  supports kustomization )
$ helm install testserver1-gw layer7/gateway -f gw10.1-values.yaml --set-file "license.value=/dev/CAAPIM/apim-charts/charts/license_10.xml" --set "license.accept=true"  (start Gateway Pod)

After the Gateway started, do the normal JDBC connection setup.



Additional Information

Existing KB article: https://knowledge.broadcom.com/external/article/236755/api-gateway-enabling-ssl-connection-for.html is Appliance/Software Gateway centric.

Although we have https://github.com/CAAPIM/apim-charts for container gateway, we don't have document for use case "how to mount truststore.jks for enabling SSL for JDBC connection."


1681700686582__namespace.yaml get_app
1681700669295__kustomization.yaml get_app
1681700651631__gw10.1-values.yaml get_app