ITPAM - Is it possible to retrieve/reset the Certificate Password?
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ITPAM - Is it possible to retrieve/reset the Certificate Password?


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CA Service Desk Manager CA Process Automation Base


While installing an IT PAM agent one question is the "certificate password"

the customer has forgotten this - how can we follow up or reset it?


Release : PAM all versions


Unfortunately it is not possible to retrieve the certificate password value if it is forgotten. The certificate password it is baked into the application during the install and is not accessible, and even if it was, it is encrypted and cannot be converted to plain text. The certificate password screen is where you enter a password that will be used for controlling access to keys used for encrypted passwords and data.

You will need this password while installing any other orchestrators or configuring a cluster node or installation agents to the existing Orchestrators. If you forget this password, you will be required to rerun the installation process again to reset this password and the same is mentioned in the installation guide of the product, where we are advised to secure the password for any references later.

From the installation guide:

10.Type a certificate password, type it again, and then click Next.

In the Set Certificate Password page, before you click Next, record your Certificate Password entry in a secure location for later reference. The recorded certificate password is required to install standalone orchestrators or add cluster nodes.