Forecast Rate for a Resource/Role in Staffing workspace
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Forecast Rate for a Resource/Role in Staffing workspace


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Is there a 'Forecast Rate' attribute for a resource/role in the Staffing workspace (similar to the one in Staffing Plan Workspace)? We are exploring leveraging the Staffing module instead of the Staffing plan (considering the end of life). 

Similar to the attribute in this thread: Forecast Rate in Staffing Plan

Alternatively, is there a similar attribute which serves that purpose?


Release : 16.1.1


From the PM Team:

We are planning to do Allocation Costs in a future release / We'll do costs for Planned and Hard Allocations that will leverage the Rate Matrix (similar to what is available from Classic Allocation Costs)
we don't plan to bring the 'forecast rate' field forward due to low adoption.
For the interim, the computed Allocation Costs can be found in the DWH.

Any further change would require an Enhancement Request