Workload Automation DE: Daylight Saving Time in Mexico
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Workload Automation DE: Daylight Saving Time in Mexico


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We are facing an issue with ESP dSeries Workload Automation 12.3. Daylight savings time was cancelled in Mexico a few months ago. But, it looks like WADE has applied daylight saving time - setting ahead by one hour the Clocks. We have done a few executions where we can see the difference between execution time and desktops time as follow screenshot:

How can we fix this issue?



Release : 12.3



DSeries uses Java. Java has settings that keep tabs on DST settings. If you are experiencing this issue then it suggests that Java DST rules are out of sync with the current standards. 



There are a few options. Please choose one of the options below: 

  1. Follow the instructions outlined here to use tzupdater. Tzupdater is an oracle tool. While it documents being able to work with other distributions of java (i.e. adoptopenjdk - used by dseries), please use as guided by Oracle's terms.
  2. Another option is to use the latest AdoptOpenJDK (version 8_u362) which has updated settings for Mexico's DST rules. If you are interested (or need) to use 8_u362, please follow the guidance offered for updating the Java used by DSeries. The instructions can be found here: Update JRE



Whichever option you use (tzupdater or 8_u362), please be sure you're applying it to the following systems:

  • DSeries Server(s)
  • Desktop Client system(s)
  • Web Client Server (if applicable)