Jasper Server 8.1.1 pre-integration steps via binary installer - TIB_js-jrs_8.1.1_win_x86_64.exe
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Jasper Server 8.1.1 pre-integration steps via binary installer - TIB_js-jrs_8.1.1_win_x86_64.exe


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When Jasper Server is installed using the binary installer (TIB_js-jrs_8.1.1_win_x86_64.exe), the Jasper server is installed on Apache Tomcat server with the database on the PostgreSQL server by default.

The CA Service Desk Manager Transactional Reporting datasource sdm_ds has the password length that exceeds the out-of-the-box password field length (250 characters) of the jijdbcdatasource table on jasperserver database.

Consequently, the SDM integration with Jasper would fail at importing the datasource.

In addition, if you have chosen to export your domains from an existing Jasper Server 7.9 instance and want to import them to the newly installed Jasper Server 8.1.1 instance, the import would fail at importing the SDM Transactional datasource (sdm_ds).

NOTE: When using the Jasper Server binary installer, PostgreSQL is the only database option.  If you require to use either Microsoft SQL or Oracle for the Jasper Server database, then you must use the Jasper Server WAR file installation.  Refer to the following documentation for further details - https://techdocs.broadcom.com/us/en/ca-enterprise-software/business-management/ca-service-management/17-3/installing/installing-ca-service-management-17-3/installing-common-components-ca-eem-cabi-jasperreports-ca-process-automation/cabi-jasperreports-server-for-ca-service-management/jasperreports-server/jasperreports-server-8-1-1/Install-and-Integrate-JasperReports-Server-r8-1-1-with-CA-Service-Management-17-3-0-22.html


CA Service Desk Manager 17.3 RU22 or higher

Jasper Reports Server 8.1.1

All Supported Windows Operating Systems


Follow the below steps to ALTER the ‘password’ field length to 500. This is a mandatory prerequisite step before running the integration using common installer-

1.  On the database server where the Jasper Server database resides, download and install pgAdmin for Windows from pgAdmin.

2.  Launch the pgAdmin Interface. Right-click Servers to create a server connection.

3.  Navigate to the server connection created in Step #2. Click Databases, jasperserver db, Schema, public, tables, jijdbcdatasource table.

4.  Open the query tool from Admin menu, Tools.

5.  Run the below query to edit and modify the password field length of the datasource table:

UPDATE pg_attribute SET atttypmod = 500+4

WHERE attrelid = 'jijdbcdatasource'::regclass

AND attname = 'password';

6.  To verify the change, Run the below query to return the password field length for jijdbcdatasource table:

SELECT atttypmod FROM pg_attribute

WHERE attrelid = 'jijdbcdatasource'::regclass

AND attname = 'password';

7.  Restart the jasperreportsPostgreSQL service from the services console.

8. Re-integrate SDM with JasperReports Server. Refer to the following documentation for further details - https://techdocs.broadcom.com/us/en/ca-enterprise-software/business-management/ca-service-management/17-3/installing/installing-ca-service-management-17-3/installing-common-components-ca-eem-cabi-jasperreports-ca-process-automation/cabi-jasperreports-server-for-ca-service-management/jasperreports-server/jasperreports-server-8-1-1/integrate-jasper-reports-server-811-with-casm.html

If the customer has a SQL MDB, then they will need to execute the following command on their SQL MDB:

ALTER TABLE dbo.JIJdbcDatasource ALTER COLUMN [password] nvarchar(500);