Jenkins pipeline stopped working with V19 Endevor web services
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Jenkins pipeline stopped working with V19 Endevor web services


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Upgrade Endevor V19 in QA Lpar, Endevor Production Lpar still use Endevor V18.1

Use the same Jenkins pipeline code for both Production and QA Lpar. 

V19 WebService STC WSTOMSTQ (QA environment) is getting an error in the log - create package failed: 

 SEVERE: Servlet.service() for servlet ÝJersey REST Service¨ in context with path Ý/EndevorService¨ threw exception Ýjava.lang.NullPo
 interException¨ with root cause




Release : 19.0


Site is using the Legacy URL protocol://host:port/EndevorService/rest/configuration/packages/package to create package in Jenkins pipeline.

However, the QA Lpar (V19.0) has the Endevor web services configuration named QA.cfg

The production Lpar (V18.1) has the Endevor web services configutation named PROD.cfg

The hard coded URL protocol://host:port/EndevorService/rest/PROD/packages/package only works for Production Lpar and not working with QA Lpar .


Have 2 seperate Jenkins pipeline to reference the correct configuration file during the package creation. 

For QA Lpar with QA.cfg, use protocol://host:port/EndevorService/rest/QA/packages/package to create package in QA Jenkins pipeline. 

For PROD Lpar with PROD.cfg, use protocol://host:port/EndevorService/rest/PROD/packages/package to create package in PROD Jenkins pipeline. 



Without changing anything in the pipeline code, for testing purpose, rename QA.cfg to PROD.cfg in QA Lpar (use V19 spawn task as the JobName in the cfg file). 


Additional Information

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