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Change Field Type


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Clarity PPM SaaS


Is there anyway to change a field type for example I want to change a field from single select to multi-select


Release : 16.1.1


Customer had a custom attribute using OOB Project Stakeholder lookup on the Investment object. The Lookup type is single select and requirement from business users is to make it as multi-valued lookup. Clarity by design is not able to change existing lookups type attribute from single to multi-valued, for that you need to create new attribute.

Steps to create a new attribute and make it as multi-valued lookup.
1) To utilize existing functionality of the Project Stakeholder OOB lookup we can duplicate the OOB dynamic query by first creating new lookup and then copy the OOB query into the new lookup
2) Create a new attribute on Investment object and apply the new lookup copy using data type multi-valued lookup

The Project Stakeholder is OOB lookup so copying the values from old lookup to the new lookup is challenging as there are a number of tables where the attribute and values was stored (for custom multi-valued attributes are stored in table (ODF_MULTI_VALUED_LOOKUPS) and each value stored for an instance will have a separate line.) Copying the values therefore, the approach we recommend in MUX is placing the old and new attributes side by side comparing values and bringing over as needed.