MUX - Unable to Save Layout Configuration for Status report
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MUX - Unable to Save Layout Configuration for Status report


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When configuring the Status tab with the new layout options, both myself and other end users are having a hard time getting the display we save to actually save properly.  We will make adjustments click save and it looks ok but them when we preview, it reverts to a different format prior to when we clicked save. In order to make the edits, we have to start totally from fresh and remove all widgets and the populate all over again, configure column displays then click save.  If we make any further alterations after that, it will not save and revert.

Steps to Reproduce: 

1. Navigate to Projects in MUX
2. Go to Status tab
3. Click on Configure and go to Layout
4. Change Layout to 8 columns
5. Click Done and Save the View 
6. Click on Preview and you will see correct layout
7. Go back to Configure and add Key Accomplishments, Scope Explanation, Schedule Explanation and Upcoming Activities and strech them acrross 8 columns long.
8. Click Done
9. Save as another view
10. Click on Preview and notice that Layout has been reset to 4 columns and configuration is all changed.
11. Also to note that last View that was saved no longer retained the configuration which was saved.

Expected Results: It should retain configuration which was saved.

Actual Results: it does not retain configuration which was set.



Release : 16.1.1


DE69353, Fixed in 16.1.2.