ZWEAS003E and JREnvDirty errors starting Datacom SQLPA
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ZWEAS003E and JREnvDirty errors starting Datacom SQLPA


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Just installed Datacom SQL Performance Analyzer (SQLPA) but it fails to start due to following errors:
ZWEAS003E Internal authentication error: An MVS environmental error has been detected. Please contact support for further assistance. {928e3d92-30dc-44af-ac3e-0 
0fc1093685} Security error details: EMVSERR: An MVS environmental error has been detected, JREnvDirty: The specified function is not supported in an address space where a load was done that is not program controlled, Returned: PlatformReturned(success=false, rc=0, errno=157, errno2=151782063, errnoMsg=EDC5157I An internal error has occurred. (errno2=0x090C02AF), stringRet=null, objectRet=null 


Release : 15.1

Component: Datacom SQLPA


The problem occurs because the shared objects (.so) files in the SQLPA /.../lib subdirectory does not have the 'Program Controlled' extended attribute set. 

This can be easily checked:

  2. Change the current directory to the SQLPA lib subdirectory, for example: cd /yourpath/sqlpa-n.n.n-n/lib
  3. Issue the ls  -E command to display the extended attributes (highlighted in yellow below):
    $ ls -E                                                                            
    total 512                                                                          
    -rwxrwxrwx  --s-  1 USER1234 GROUP123  253952 Jul 14  2022
  4. The command shows that  'Program Controlled' extended attribute is not set; when it's set, a "p" is returned in second position:


To set the 'Program Controlled' extended attribute, from the sqlpa-n.n.n-n subdirectory issue the command:

extattr +p lib/*.so && chmod +x lib/*.so && chmod a+x lib/*.so && ls -E lib/

as stated on "Install the SQL Performance Analyzer" section of Datacom 15.1 documentation.