View - Use of "/* MARK ..." in ERO table
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View - Use of "/* MARK ..." in ERO table


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We have reports that defaulted to ERO entry "/*  MARK ..." after a View backup ran, rather than use of SARINIT NGEND/NGENT for retention.

The only reports not affected were the ones that were not defined in the ERO table prior to a recent table change.



Release : 14.0


The client had the following SARINIT parameter settings:



With SARINIT POPT=M and a sole ERO entry of "/*   MARK ...", then reports that are not marked will get no retention and will be deleted at the next View backup. 

SARINIT PRETAIN=TABLE indicates to not use retentions of NGEND/NGENT. 

With POPT=M and PRETAIN=TABLE, non-matching reports will use PCOPIES for retention, if marked. 

If a report is not marked, there is nothing to retain, and the report is deleted. 

For non-marked reports to be assigned retention via NGEND/NGENT, there needs to be a setting of SARINIT PRETAIN=INIT. 

For a non-marked report, setting SARINIT POPT=A (ALL) will assign PCOPIES as retention.