CloudSOC End-Users not able to see shared Audit Scheduled report
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CloudSOC End-Users not able to see shared Audit Scheduled report


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CloudSOC End-Users get an email link but are not able to see the shared Audit Scheduled report.

The recipient clicks "Download" link in the email which takes them to the CloudSOC Admin login screen. 

Recipient needs CloudSOC Admin Account, with enough privileges, to be able to login and view the scheduled report.


Users receiving Scheduled Report Link via email must have a CloudSOC Admin Account with enough Privs to view the report.

Admin User Access Profile requires minimum permissions and CloudSOC login credentials from SysAdmin.

When CloudSOC Admin User clicks the "Download"  link in the email, User gets redirected to CloudSOC login.

The first time they do this, they may be blocked from viewing the report, which appears in a second browser tab after login.

Common issues:

1. Admin Users may need to allow popups in their browser "settings" for "App.Elastica.Net."

2. User Access Profile for a CloudSOC Admin receiving a Scheduled Audit Report needs enough privileges:

The other two User Access Profile Tabs, "Informational" & "Global Settings," are left at default values.

The client can try to reduce User Access Profile Privs further, but these settings worked in Lab.

Additional Information

Example of an Audit /  Scheduled Report configured to send to two recipients

After Admin User clicks on the link in the email and logs into CloudSOC, if setup correctly, they will see two tabs.

1st Tab - CloudSOC Audit

2nd Tab - Scheduled Report that they will be able to view / download:

If Admin User cannot see/view the report - the first thing to check is if Popup Blocker is preventing the 2nd Tab from appearing.